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Field erected cooling towers, full tower repair, parts and service


Basalt & Ceramic Lined Abrasion Resistant Piping

  • Ash

  • Wastewater

  • Abrasive Materials

  • Chutes

  • Burner Blocks

Boiler Tube Leak Detection

  • Triple IR flame detection

  • Industry excusive Hydrogen flame detection

  • UV / IR flame detection

  • IR Hydrocarbon gas detection

  • Toxic and oxygen detection

  • Whole plant system control and detection

  • Hazardous event monitoring and suppression deluge system

  • Flex-Sonic (trade name) acoustic leak detection

Magaldi LOGO_edited.png
  • Tailor-made bulk material handling solutions for severe applications.

  • Best available technologies for dry bottom ash handling

  • Reliable conveying systems for high temperature applications 

  • Heavy-duty conveying systems for hard-to-handle materials


Valmet LOGO.png

  • Valmet Boiler Diagnostic Systems help performance engineers and operations managers maximize combustion efficiency while minimizing unplanned maintenance and outages.

  • Valmet systems are designed for a wide range of high-temperature processes, including power generation, waste-to-energy, iron and steel, petrochemical and cement production.



Engineered high temperature fabric, material handling conveyor fabrication. Turn-key install and field services available.

  • 4″ & Smaller Steam Vent and Drain Valves

  • Globe Valves

  • Gate Valves

  • Check Valves

  • Ball Valves (Top entry, PWHT cost savings)


All Valves are In-line Repairable.


Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • OEM Gas Turbine

  • Power Generation

  • Petrochemical

  • Refinery

  • Gas Transmission

  • Process

ECO-TAC Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • Ultra Compact, Modular, Custom Engineered

  • Knife gate valves used for isolating abrasive slurries. American made / AIS compliant

  • 2" to 40" sizes available

  • Utilizes a one-piece urethane liner that protects the epoxy coated body.

  • Standard gate construction is 1/2" thick 300 Series Stainless Steel

  • Renowned for their simplistic design, tight shutoff and maintainability

  • Applications for valves include: slurries, bottom ash transport lines, limestone, dewatering bins, wet fly ash service, and sludge disposal


Blasch produces ceramic air heater inserts, Multi-cyclone dust collectors outlet tubes, lined pipes & elbows, nozzles, burner tubes, valves, wear tiles, cyclone linings, slurry pumps and many other custom shapes.

  • Stokers for Coal, Wood, RDF, and Biomass

  • Low NOx Burners

  • Ash Systems and Rotary Steel Feeders

  • Renewal parts for Detroit Stoker and other OEMs

  • Under Throw Feeders, Combination Feeders

  • Field Service & Inspections

  • Stoker Rebuilds & Retrofits

  • Raw Water Pretreatment

  • Boiler and Cooling Tower Make-Up

  • Condensate Treatment

  • Wastewater for Power, Industrial, Petro Chemical, Food & Beverage

  • Oil Separation and Brine Treatment

  • Complete Systems, Retrofits, Parts, Controls, and Service


Triple-offset Butterfly valves for severe steam, water, and industrial applications. Class 6 bubble tight shutoff. Wafer, lug, and flanged body styles 

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